Here are a few of my favourite photos from the photo shoot with Chanti Fitography.

If you have read my weight loss story, then you probably know why I am proud of these shots. They show me how far I have come. It’s not perfection. It’s progress that counts.

160771ba-c3ca-418a-8ecf-f950776e179bd75ea33b-f298-4001-8d75-a1db11cf13ad85708ae8-a6b9-4706-8801-ab9d6f4693ab7a1d8390-99bf-4430-9c74-ded263782694af67926b-03cb-409a-83cb-80a024f3fa91aa2f1f8b-5f86-4581-a230-b1e76c152a935b84d826-dfae-4037-955a-c7c6b0e5ca628f9a2782-675a-483d-9cc6-ff8fd05f3065434911b6-e54c-4827-a91e-7cdfbd9e50ea 2

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