Why Affirmations Can Help

Have you ever looked for affirmations on pinterest? There are hundreds!

  • “I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself”.
  • “I am healthy and filled with energy”.
  • “Today I will not stress over things I can’t control”.
  • “I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life”.

There are affirmations for love and relationships, fitness and health, wealth and success, quotes from religious or philosophical texts, the list goes on and on. You also probably have a friend on facebook who posts affirmations from time to time. And I am quite sure that you would have seen a book with daily affirmations last time you went to the bookshop. There are calendars with monthly, weekly or daily affirmations. The thing is, affirmations are everywhere and hard to ignore.


A lot of people, and that included me, wonder why affirmations have become such a thing. Have they replaced our daily prayers? Have we all lost ourselves in the daily grind and need reminding that we are strong and powerful? Do we need to tell ourselves every morning that our happiness lies in our own hands? Are we so busy and stressed out that we need to read out loud that we should be grateful for being healthy? Because, that is the strange thing, isn’t it, affirmations state the obvious, they don’t provide epiphany.

But despite their simplicity, there have been times in my life when reading and repeating affirmations like a mantra have helped me. I think the reason why affirmations help is because they make us aware of ourselves. They give us a break in our busy lives. They make us inhale, exhale and calm down. They slow down our racing thoughts and make us focus on the essential. They make us see things in a positive way. In my own experience they help most when we are feeling down, stressed and negative.

An affirmation can be anything, you can create your own or find one in a book, on the internet, it can be a line from a song or a movie. An affirmation can help you change perspective and make you learn whatever it is you want to believe. As Buddha said, “what we think, we become”.

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