No Excuses – The Workout You Can Do Anywhere During the Holidays

So the Christmas holidays are coming up. And I will be traveling! I’m super excited as we’re going on safari and then to Zanzibar to chill for one week. This means I will be without a gym for two weeks. Maybe you are traveling too? Maybe you are visiting family and friends and will not have the chance to go to a gym? Well, I have come up with a plan to get some exercise in that does not require any equipment. I won’t even pack my skipping rope! Well, not this time anyway as I’m still struggling with shin splints.

Do each of the following exercise for 60 seconds. After each round rest for 1 minute. Do as many rounds as you can squeeze into your busy holiday schedule. I plan to do mine before breakfast….

Burpees with a push-up

Jump squats

Mountain climbers

Bird dogs

Plank jacks

Alternating lunges

Plank holds

Leg raises

These 8 exercises target most muscle groups and at the same time also work your cardiovascular fitness. Let me know how you enjoy this!

Group of Young People Exercising in a Gym

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