How Exercise Keeps You Looking Younger

We all know that exercise is important for a healthy life. And we also know that exercise is important to keep that muffin top in check and to burn calories so we can lose or maintain our weight. When it comes to losing weight, we also know that nutrition is the main factor (the old “abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym” statement is true). But exercise is important not only because it is good for your health, it is also better than any cream, spray or other concoction to make you look younger.

Mature woman exercising at home

Stars like Jennifer Lopez (45) and Gwyneth Paltrow (42) look young and healthy. What I like about them is that they admit that it takes work to look the way they do. Jennifer Lopez has said that she is working hard on her body because her body is her capital and that she loves her shape. Gwyneth Paltrow too emphasizes that she is working out 90 minutes a day five times a week to look the way she does. And she has repeatedly said that her DNA or luck has nothing to do with it! Sandra Bullock too looks great at 50 years of age. She loves all kinds of exercise as long as it does not get boring.

Exercise helps to keep you look young in various ways, and I have listed some here:

Better Posture

Lifting weights is important not just for men. Women need strong muscles too. Strong muscles protect our bones and keep us firm. And muscles burn calories even when we just sit on the sofa. Fat cells don’t. Strong muscles also give us better posture. And as we all know by now, a good posture makes us look self-confident and fit (and young).

Strong Bones

Exercise helps prevent or reduce osteoporosis. 30% of all women suffer from a broken bone due to osteoporosis in their life. Running and weight lifting for example promote oxygen and nutrient uptake in joints and helps them grow so the bone becomes stronger. Looking fit and strong means looking younger too.

Brain Power

There are studies that show that outdoor exercise protects from Alzheimer disease. Exercising outdoors produces happy hormones and happy hormones are like anti-depressants. Have you every noticed how someone with a happy smile looks younger than someone who is making a miserable face?

Firm Skin

When our hearts are pumping hard, blood supply to our skin is improved. We look fresh and rosy and the skin stays firm. Cellulite is being reduced. Outdoor exercise is best as the humidity helps further. If you are working out indoors the skin needs to be creamed regularly to prevent dryness. Especially the face. Well hydrated skin looks fresh as wrinkles are reduced and you look younger as a result.

Strong Heart

A study conducted in Germany shows that exercising for at least three and a half hours a week reduces the risk of a heart attack by 81%. Exercise promotes blood circulation, the blood vessels stay smooth. The heart muscle grows and works more effectively, the resting heart rate is reduced. All organs get more oxygen. It also means that you can run upstairs without losing your breath. And people who do not suffer from high blood pressure because of better blood circulation also suffer less from varicose veins.

Better Sleep

You sleep better when you exercise and sleep is a fountain of youth. While you sleep, your body regenerates, restores and, of course, rests. Not sleeping enough also adds to stress-related conditions, such as depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, stomach problems and weakened immune systems. And looking stressed, being moody and seeing the world through a fog rarely makes someone look younger.

More Flexibility

Stretching routines, pilates and yoga keep your muscles and joints flexible. As a result you are feeling less stiff and move better, which adds to the young look. If you can’t get off the floor without a crane or can’t pick up a pencil from the floor without major effort you are not making the impression of a young person. Not everybody is running around on stage like Angus or is dancing for hours like Madonna, but to be able to move freely makes you seem younger and definitely feel better.

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